Who is Steve Flemming?

Historical Background

Throughout my professional career I was involved in management and distribution in my role and covered customer service, large budgets and training. It was always challenging and quite stressful. Therefore on my retirement I looked at something completely different; writing a book was perhaps never in my thoughts but I have found it refreshing, different and enlightening. In my early years I always followed football and cricket. My love of ice hockey though has taken me to many new places. The game itself is fast, furious and quite thrilling. Writing this book has provided me with the opportunity to re-live some of the great moments I have experienced.

What other authors or books have inspired you?

I would guess mainly sporting greats who have written autobiographies; certainly I would include Geoffrey Boycott, Ian Botham and Richie Benaud from the world of cricket. Also in ice hockey there have been several good books written by officials in the game. I would however, always include Tony Hand, the best British ice hockey player of all time, his autobiography is quite fascinating.

Have you participated in sports?

Over the years I have managed to play some sports (in a fashion); football and cricket in my younger days, also some tennis and badminton but I never considered ice hockey, I mean you actually have to be able to skate first, then there is the physical build required, no chance! I am though still playing squash in my sixties, this is a surprise even to me, I guess it’s the only sport that I have ever been close to reasonable at.

I have managed to complete several walking marathons and half marathons over a number of years, the latest was the ‘Las Vegas at Night’ event in November 2015. My lovely wife Karen joined me in completing the 13.1 miles, this despite the rain and 40mph cross winds during the evening. This was a wonderful achievement for Karen after she underwent a major back operation in July 2014.

Would you consider writing further books?

Yes, most definitely. I now have a feel for it. The next book though will be completely different; ‘a fictional story’. However, it will contain certain characters that I have met during my life, also the setting will be places that I have visited. Will there be any ice hockey games covered? Of course.