Ice Hockey: A Fans View

What is Ice Hockey: A Fans View?

NHL (National Hockey League)

30 teams compete in the best ice hockey league in the world. I have visited all these arenas and watched over 100 live games. This has been over a 30 year period. In this section I provide an insight into the games, the players, arenas and much more, currently my wife needs only to visit Nashville to complete her set of NHL arenas.

Actually it appears a new trip will be required for both of us as new venues are being constructed in Edmonton and Detroit. In addition the Islanders have now moved to Brooklyn. Also, it has just been confirmed there will be a new NHL team in Las Vegas I do hope it will be third time lucky for a Las Vegas Hockey team. The Thunder and Wranglers have come and gone in the past, perhaps the step up to a major league team will hopefully work out.

Nottingham Panthers and British Ice Hockey

This is a 3-part section in which I view our domestic game since 1986. This will cast a few minds back to the old Nottingham arena, Wembley weekends and characters that have been involved in the game, just where have all these years gone? I went deep into the memory bank to recall some great moments over this time. Other fans will of course have their own viewpoint and rightly so. I do though hope the parts I have tried to re-capture will provoke many memories.

European Club Competitions

I have followed our British teams in this event for some years, there have been very few teams that actually reached the final stages and no side in my time has ever lifted a European trophy. The London Knights came the closest in Zurich (2001). I did not make it that year. The best performance during the 8 tournaments that I have witnessed would be by the Belfast Giants (Lugano 2003) and I cover this and a little of the new competition, the CHL (Champions Hockey League).

I have always enjoyed the challenge against foreign opposition and the different style of ice hockey that’s played.

DEL (German League)

I have covered all the arenas in the top league in Germany. This league is a really good standard of ice hockey and old and new venues are the mix. However, it’s the fans in Germany that provide an unbelievable atmosphere. Again though it does seem that I will need a further visit as the Schwenninger Wild Wings re-joined the league again recently. Also we await the outcome of the league make up following the sad demise of the Hamburg Freezers.

World Championships and Winter Olympics

These events are for the National teams. I recently visited Zagreb, Croatia, to watch Great Britain play in the annual championships. This was the 20th country that I have watched the game in. Also the Dom Sportova arena became my 120th professional venue that I have visited. I have really enjoyed watching these championships over the years.

If I had to choose a favourite game out of all of those I have seen, well, it would have to be the semi-final of the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, all the fascinating details are covered in the book.


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A fantastic read, full of little stories and antidotes that would interest hockey fans far and wide. Once I started reading it coundn’t put it down. Would highly recommend.

by Andy Storer

A great read & a must for all true ice hockey fans. Covers all aspects of the game but what makes it special is because it is written through the eyes of a true fan of the game.
The layout & length of each chapter is excellent. It is a book you won’t put down once you start to read it. Well thoughtout & structured to make it interesting.
I am a huge ice hockey fan so loved it.

by Roy McCordall

Steve, I so enjoyed reading your Book. It was stimulating from the point of view that I have seen Ice Hockey on the Television, but never been to a game. I am an Ice Skater and appreciate the movements the Hockey players execute in their game, sometimes not always for the good. Having read the book I felt at times as if I was there, participating in the game. Travelling to all those interesting places, just to support Ice Hockey, proves what a good supporter Steve is. A very good read.

by Kathleen McCordall.

When I picked up this book I expected a book about hockey, but this book is so much more. Yes, there are detailed descriptions about hockey games, players and arenas spanning 30 years or so, but it is also a travelogue, a tourist, restaurant and hotel guide, etc. And equally important, it is the author’s personal story from his first discovery of hockey to becoming a very knowledgeable, dedicated fan. I’ve been to numerous hockey games over the years, but I do not have such vivid memories. Mr. Flemming’s detailed recollection of the journeys surrounding the games and the games themselves is incredible. And he doesn’t stop at hockey. He also includes information about baseball, basketball and other sports. A very interesting read from start to finish.

by Gerrie Loveys